Monday, September 24, 2007

Blizzard Nerfs Wisp Spirit

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WowInsider reports today on new graveyards coming in Patch 2.2. What they fail to cover is the severe nerf to every Night Elf in the game!

Examine Wisp Spirit, the Night Elf racial ability that gives us the edge in PvE:

Wisp SpiritRacial Passive
Transform into a wisp upon death, increasing speed by 50%.

"Wait a second, Valenna!" you say, "You're overreacting! You get to run to your corpse from a closer spot as well." Well yes, but if they make closer graveyards, Wisp Spirit becomes less useful versus the other races. If the graveyards are 50% closer to where we die, Wisp Spirit becomes 50% less effective.

WTT Wisp Spirit for just about anything else!


Mera said...

Please don't tell me you rolled NE for Wisp...

Chris Connelley/Valenna said...

But, of course! Didn't everyone?!

Seriously, no, I've always thought Wisp Spirit was useless. Ironically, I'm still usually the last person back inside the instance. ^_^

Phaelia said...

And by "ironically" he means "annoyingly." It used to be that I had to remind Valenna to destealth for buffs. Now I just have to wait 15 minutes for him to mosey his blue butt back to the instance. Alas, if only I had a real rez ... /backofhandtoforehead