Saturday, September 29, 2007

Video: "Hemo is Dead" by Skahr

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Skahr announced he was working on it two weeks ago and "Hemo is Dead", his PvP video, is finally done!

Coming in at a whopping 24 minutes, the video highlights his PvP play in battlegrounds, duels, world PvP and 2v2 arena.

After watching this, I have a newfound respect for the Subtlety tree.

And I suggest you watch the full version if you have the bandwidth, which allows you more control over the video to pause, rewind and skip ahead. Alternately, you can watch it in-line below.

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Anonymous said...

You could own so much harder if you didn't click. Not flaming or anything its just your reaction time is alot faster if you use keys instead of clicking, you should try it out one day even if it is hard to get used to. I used to click and now use keys and its so much nicer.