Thursday, September 27, 2007

Possible Changes in 2.3

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Ok. I'm a bit slow on this. I was kinding hoping for some more so I wouldn't be incredibly redundant.

Stickied by Drysc in the Rogue Forums!

These are the announced changes we're planning in 2.3 for the Rogue class.
  • Blind is now a physical attack and the reagent requirement removed [link]
  • Fleet Footed changed to increase movement speed by 8/15% [link]
  • Shadowstep usable at any time, not only while stealthed. Threat caused by next Ambush, Garrote or Backstab is reduced by 50% and cooldown increased to 40 seconds [link]
  • Dirty Deeds specials cause 20% extra damage against targets that are below 35% health [link]
  • Deadly Throw missile speed increased significantly and snare duration increased slightly [link]
  • Ruthlessness only affects melee finish moves [link]
  • All poisons now last for one hour [link]

Honestly, I think these are token changes. None of them are going to help Rogues in PvE or arena, except maybe the change to Deadly Throw.

Now, if you use Shadow Step, I'll give you the gold to respec. You certainly don't need threat reduction on your abilities.

Nice buff for Dirty Deeds, but I still think the Subtlety tree is broken until it can either give Rogues a new essential role in raids or allows them to come close to the DPS of the other two trees.

The changes to Blind are nice, but making it a physical ranged attack will remove its ability to affect hostile arena opponents with Blessing of Protection or Paladins with Divine Shield.

Poison change is good, but really, let's just get rid of the entire poison creation system. It's slow and it's really just an unnecessary step.

Yeah, no picture for this one. =P


Phaelia said...

What makes the poison system "slow"? Is there any way that it could be sped up so that it would be less cumbersome and more fun? I happen to really like the idea behind Poisons since it essentially allows a melee class to cast spell-like effects while being consistent with lore.

Chris Connelley/Valenna said...

The "slow" part is creating the poisons. I usually don't make new poisons until I have less than 10 applications of Deadly Poison. When that happens I fill up all my stacks. I'm usually about ~10 down on all my types I use: Instant, Mind-Numbing, Crippling and Wound Poison, and I want two stacks of Deadly Poison, so that's 70 poisons to make. I think it takes about 5 seconds each, so that's 350 seconds - about 6 minutes.

Applying the poison is fast: 3 seconds.

I like the idea of poison as well. I'll post some more about poisons soon! =)

Delos said...

"Honestly, I think these are token changes. None of them are going to help Rogues in PvE or arena, except maybe the change to Deadly Throw."

What? WHAT? You must be MAD to think that the change to blind is just a token change! Making Blind a physical attack and not a poison is a HUGE buff to rogues in arena. No longer can it be dispelled by Abolish Poison, Cleanse, Dispel, Poison removing totems, or Stoneform! Practically the only way to get out of it now is to trinket. This is a huge buff to arena rogues, HUGE!

Valenna said...

@delos: Thanks for comment. You are right about Blind, but I am mad. Mad that Blizzard won't make any other changes that might help the majority of Rogues (Combat Rogues) in Arena. While the Blind change is significant and will be beneficial, it is still on a 3 minute cooldown.

I just simply would have liked to see additional changes to our class to help us in Arena.

Draezele said...

One of the problems Blizzard has always had is balancing their classes for both PvP and PvE. Once upon a time, shaman ruled the PvP world, so they were passed up (or even nerfed) for many review cycles, to the point that their PvE abilities were weak in comparison to many other classes (2.3 is a big boost for us, however). Unfortunately, rogues are currently rocking the tops of the PvE damage meters and I suspect they're reluctant to give any further upgrades that might carry over to PvE.