Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blue Watch: Rogue Recap

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Rogues got a little bit of the blue attention this week. However, all news isn't good news.

First, there's our Haste nerf. In the words of Drysc:

"Our baseline melee stat is Attack Power, it's the stat that we use as a benchmark in which we compare all other melee stats. Haste was at about a 1:1 in relation to AP at base levels, and it scales a whole lot better. So in large quantities haste was easily overcoming AP, and trouncing all other melee stats. While it's not bad for it to be a strong stat, we don't want it to become THE stat over AP. In fewer words it's a quintessential nerf: it was too good."

Next, we find out that Vanish isn't broken and Blizzard sees no reason to fix it.

Blizzard said they heard our complaints about the reagent dilemma surrounding Blind Powder. However, that's all they really said. o_0 I guess "I heard you" is better than "Vanish isn't broken and we aren't going to fix it," because — really — we've heard that one before.

Finally, some potentialy "good" news. It seems Blizzard is still evaluating whether to allow combo points to become independent of our targets. I remember a day back before Burning Crusade where you could use combo points on mobs after they had died and before you switched to another target. It was nice to convert these points into Slice and Dice (since it seemed rather silly to Eviscerate, Kidney Shot or Rupture a dead opponent). If a change occurs regarding keeping combo points, Rogues will be receiving a significant buff and it will definitely change the way I play.

So, while it seems none of this substantial, it does indicate that Blizzard is listening or at least wants us to think that they are. ~_^

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