Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hemo and Why to Play It by Skahr

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Searching around the files of SI:7, I stumbled across Skahr's World. He had a very interesting post on Hemorrhage that goes into its pros and cons and includes some interesting Theorycrafting. From his post:

It seems to me that there are a lot of rogues out there that either do not know what hemo is or know very little about the spec and how it works.

Hemorrhage is an instant attack that does instant damage and causes the target to “Hemorrhage”, increasing all physical damage taken by up to 10. It will last 15 seconds or until the 30 charges are used. Because this is your main attack when specd for it, the debuff will always be on your target. Hemo is not normalized, meaning that the slower the weapon, the harder it will hit. Sinister Strike for example, is normalized to a speed of 2.4, meaning that no matter how slow your weapon is, it will not change the amount your SS hits for. Attack power also increases your damage with Hemorrhage by a great deal.

Read the rest on his blog! Skahr's World

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